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Sandcastles And Sailboats

RRP $15.95

Presents ocean-related compound words to beginning readers, including high-impact photos, close photo-to-text match, a picture glossary, and a comprehension question. F&P Text Level Gradient: Level C.

Renovate A Sailboat And Cross The Atlantic

RRP $245.00

This book may be of interest to anyone interested in buying a boat built outside the EU and importing that boat into the EU. Details of suppliers, discounts for equipment and materials and tips accumulated from various advisors and years of research are described. Skylark's original survey for US insurance, tips for clothing and personal comfort, preparing the boat for an Atlantic crossing to Europe and a report of one boat's experience meeting the EU regulations to obtain a CE mark for a US-built 1973 Pearson 36-1. George DuBose is a well-known music photographer with over 300 record covers and over 50 gold or platinum plaques to his name. He is writing and designing a series of books that showcase his photography for groups' album covers and promotional portraits for groups as diverse as the B52's and the Notorious B.I.G. In his spare time, he sails and works on his two Pearson yachts, a 1970 P26 and a 1973 P36-1.

Sailboat Projects

RRP $18.99

Clarence Jones is a writer, inventor, tinkerer, photographer, sailor. He was born in the middle of the Great Depression. When something broke, you fixed it. There was no money for a repair man. He learned as a youngster how to design and make things that worked just as well as those in the store that cost a lot. His inventive creativity was a great asset in his careers as an award-winning newspaper and television reporter. One of the biggest challenges was often figuring out how to hide a camera or a recording device that would capture the evidence to prove his target's guilt. So when he became a sailor in mid-life, it was just natural for him to design gadgets that made his boat work better. The impetus for some of his projects would be a magazine article about a new device for sailboats. Within a day or so, Clarence would have a working prototype that would do the same thing. For a tiny fraction of what the new gadget cost. This book is a collection of those projects, many of them first published in sailing magazines. The guidelines for his sailboat projects - and the writing about them - have always been: Simplicity Ease of assembly Minimal cost Lots of pictures Where to get the materials That's what this book is all about.


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Boating Outboard Evinrude Manuals
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Boating Outboard Evinrude Manuals
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