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Sandcastles And Sailboats

RRP $15.95

Presents ocean-related compound words to beginning readers, including high-impact photos, close photo-to-text match, a picture glossary, and a comprehension question. F&P Text Level Gradient: Level C.

Sailboat Projects

RRP $18.99

Clarence Jones is a writer, inventor, tinkerer, photographer, sailor. He was born in the middle of the Great Depression. When something broke, you fixed it. There was no money for a repair man. He learned as a youngster how to design and make things that worked just as well as those in the store that cost a lot. His inventive creativity was a great asset in his careers as an award-winning newspaper and television reporter. One of the biggest challenges was often figuring out how to hide a camera or a recording device that would capture the evidence to prove his target's guilt. So when he became a sailor in mid-life, it was just natural for him to design gadgets that made his boat work better. The impetus for some of his projects would be a magazine article about a new device for sailboats. Within a day or so, Clarence would have a working prototype that would do the same thing. For a tiny fraction of what the new gadget cost. This book is a collection of those projects, many of them first published in sailing magazines. The guidelines for his sailboat projects - and the writing about them - have always been: Simplicity Ease of assembly Minimal cost Lots of pictures Where to get the materials That's what this book is all about.

Used Sailboat Buyer Beware

RRP $12.99

You can learn a great deal from others experiences. As my husband and I went through our sailboat buying experience I documented every step of our long and often times, frustrating journey. Tim has over 25 years experience as a commercial crab fisherman and journeyman ship fitter and I have a talent for researching and investigation from my former career as a real estate agent. Due to our back grounds in vessels and in sales, we think we have collected some very helpful information that you may never hear from the average sailboat buyer, or seller. In this book you will discover where we found much of our information and many other things we did along the way to successfully make our dream a reality. You will learn a little known purchasing strategy that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You will also discover how to contact the seller directly on any vessel you look at, a few creative ways of finding good deals if you are interested in a project boat, how to thoroughly inspect a vessel to locate major issues before you hire a surveyor, and much more! Our experiences were not always pleasant but we persevered and now we are living our dream. This little book is a small investment that could give you the winning edge as you look for and buy your vessel.


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Boating Outboard Evinrude Manuals
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